Comes in 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz sizes with 5/0 Ultra point hook with light weed guard
**Please annotate what color blade you want, i.e. nickel, gold or black nickel.**

Colors: Shad

Splatterback, Mint Julip, Bleeding Chartreuse, Bleeding Red, Royal Red, Cole Slaw, Zebra, EcstacyPurple Haze, Citrus, Blueglimmer/Chartreuse, Sexy, Electric Chicken, Ctton Candy, Blueglimmer Shad,Sunfish, Blue Heron, Icicle, Black Crappie, Blue Glimmer, Silver Shad, Chartreuse/White, Cardinal, BlueHerring, Royal Purple, Black Crappie/Chartreuse, Santee River Special, Green Shad, Brown Pumpkin Splash, T-Man Special, Yellow Jacket


Colors: Dark

Red Craw, Black/Blue, Blue-Gill, Green Pumpkin Red, Black/Red, Cajun Craw, Black/Chartreuse, 

Psycho, Kudzu, Purple Passion, Brown Pumpkin, Midnight, Camo, Green Pumpkin Green, Moccasin

Oh Baby, Hot Tequila, Black Blue FT, PB&J, Black Pumpkin, Blue Bayou, Perch, Avocado, Okeechobee Craw, Mardi Gras, Green Pumpkin Spice, Black Frost, June Bug, Summer Craw, Spring Craw, Green Pumpkin Purple, Brown, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Orange, Carolina Craw

Black, Black Olive/Blue Stripe, Green Pumpkin/Blue Stripe, Watermelon Candy, Green Pumpkin Purple Stripe, Rusty Craw, Kudzu Orange, Blue Craw, South Carolina River Craw, Texas Craw, Savannah Craw, Santee Cucumber, Barbwire Craw, Savannah River Craw, Riley Craw, Purple Passion Splash, Sweet Potato


Blade Color


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