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All tackle is hand crafted with premium hardware, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Please remember to support a clean Environment by picking up your trash. Teach a kid to fish and practice catch and release. Thank you from Choo Choo Lures and may you always have a Tight lines and Limits!


Shimmy Shad

1/4 - 3/0 Hook

3/8 - 4/0 Hook

1/2 - 5/0 Hook

Colors available:



Baby Bass


The Shimmy Shad is a high percentage lure especially around bridge pilings and standing timber. The Shimmy Shad can also be fished on the bottom on humps and long underwater points with small hops to mimic injured or dying shad. The Shimmy is a great lure for schooling fish both on surface and deep, and a great follow up bait to breaking fish. The Shimmy Shad features Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, chip resistant paint, and a bait barb to hold your favorite trailer such as grubs, flukes and shad type baits.

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