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All tackle is hand crafted with premium hardware, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Please remember to support a clean Environment by picking up your trash. Teach a kid to fish and practice catch and release. Thank you from Choo Choo Lures and may you always have a Tight lines and Limits!


This jig can be used at any time. It is best known for swimming through any type of vegitation and being able to drop into any opening then bringing back out and swimming it again. You can also swim it through brush and laydowns and having it fall as you bring it across the cover you are fishing.Jig can also be used in deep water grass by just swimming it and when you hit grass,snap your rod to free it and wait for the reaction strike.You can use all kinds of trailers like 5 inch swim baits or any crawfish trailers you like in any colors that you are confident in using.

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                               3/8 - 4/0

                               1/2 - 5/0

                               3/4 - 5/0

                               1 oz - 5/0

                 Prices may increase with size


Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Chartreuse
Golden Shiner
Blue Herring
Rusty Craw
Blue Heron
Electric Chicken
Purple Haze
Bleeding Chartreuse
Blue Gill
Cotton Candy
Blue Glimmer Chartreuse
Bleeding Red
T Man Special
Sc River Craw
Texas Craw
Brown Pumkin
Blue Craw
Santee Cucumber
Red Robin
Savannah Craw
June Bug
Royal Purple
Red Robin Chartreuse
Blue Glimmer
Black & Blue
Green Pumpkin Red
Black & Red
Black and Chartreuse
Carolina Craw
Purple Passion
Red Craw
Mardi Gra
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New Colors

Silver Shad
Riley Craw Special
Santee River Special
Savannah River Special
Green Pumpkin Orange
Black Blue Olive
Green Pumpkin Purple
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Watermelon Candy
Green Pumpkin Purple Stripe
Carolina Craw.JPG
Green Pumpkin Blue
Black Frost
Royal Red
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Mardi Gra