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All tackle is hand crafted with premium hardware, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. Please remember to support a clean Environment by picking up your trash. Teach a kid to fish and practice catch and release. Thank you from Choo Choo Lures and may you always have a Tight lines and Limits!

The Titan Jig

This Jig is mainly used for punching heavy grass mats and heavy cover. The design of the head allows the bait to punch through heavy vegitation and can be pitched into heavy bushes. The line tie is embeaded into the nose of the bait keeping it from hanging up as it heads straight to the bottom.Once it reaches bottom it does not fall to side because of how it is made,but keeps the hook and trailer up in water column giving the fish time to look at it. If you don`t get bit pull up and down a few times and see if that triggers a strike.

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                            1/2 - 5/0

                            1.0 - 5/0

                            1.5 - 5/0

              Comes with double rattle strap

                  Prices increase with size


New Colors

Sc River Craw
Texas Craw
Brown Pumpkin
Blue Craw
Santee Cucumber
Red Robin
Savannah Craw
June Bug
Royal Purple
Red Robin Chartreuse
Blue Glimmer
Black & Blue
Green Pumpkin Red
Black & Red
Black and Chartreuse
Carolina Craw
Purple Passion
Red Craw
Mardi Gra
Green Pumpkin Spice
Black / Blue Ft
Oh Baby
Hot Tequila
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Purple
Spring Craw
Melon Candy
Black Frost
Blue Bayou
Okeechobee Craw
Summer Craw
Black Pumpkin
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Green Pumpkin Orange
Black Blue Olive
Green Pumpkin Purple
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Watermelon Candy
Green Pumpkin Purple Stripes
Carolina Craw.JPG
Green Pumpkin Blue
Black Frost
Royal Red
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